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Carlo Donadoni is the creative mind behind all menu creations at Spuntino Bakery and Catering. An avid learner by nature, he never rests on his laurels when it comes to food. He is zealous about finding authentic flavors. So he often wears the “ingredient-finder” hat whereby he travels to Europe to meet with distributors in person, see their process and taste the different options, on site.


Donadoni was born and raised in Milan, Italy. His passion for food was innate, and after grade school, he pursued and obtained his Italian professional chef’s certificate from the Istituto Alberghiero Ponte di Legno in Lombardia, Northern Italy.


He moved to Sarasota, Florida in 1995 to open a restaurant but continued to own his restaurant in Greece, Ristorante Sottovento. He was introduced to Graziano Sbroggioin 1997 and immediately became the main course chef to complement the pasta chef at TiramesU’s new location on Lincoln Road. A year later, together, Donadoni and Sbroggio launched TiramesU’s catering enterprise due to the high-volume of requests. Shortly thereafter, Spuntino Bakery was created, also by Donadoni and Sbroggio, to fulfill a growing demand for fresh breads for Sbroggio’s portfolio of restaurants. Finally, it was in 2004 that the bakery and catering merged and Spuntino Bakery and Catering was born.


Today, Spuntino is the caterer of choice for Miami’s world-celebrated art shows, boat shows, luxury brands and high net worth individuals. But it is also the go-to caterer for corporate luncheons and private dinners.

Chef Carlo Donadoni, Owner of Spuntino Catering
Miami Catering for Italian Wood Brand
Chef Carlo of Miami Catering Company Spuntino
Miami Wagyu Beef with Miami Spuntino Catering

Spuntino Team

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Gioia Aragozzini

Event Manager 

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Giulio Borghetto


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